Road Trip on My Path of Herstory

Last week, I journeyed from Portland to the Monterey Peninsula to attend the memorial/life celebration of a cherished friend who recently passed. Kathy had been an adventurous woman, a friend to all, and an advocate for many. Her special Friend Magic helped keep me from plunging off the deep end when my boyfriend was grappling with a losing battle with cancer in the early 2000's. Sadly, it was Leukemia that claimed her. The largeness of this loss hasn't quite caught up to me yet. Perhaps that's as it should be.

So, I paid my respects at her home in Moss Landing…in the same high walled front patio that I had been to for countless parties over the years. It felt strange to not see our gracious hostess there.
Kathy on the Captain Bobby

Her precious dinghy, Captain Bobby" marked the place. And, this lovely painting of Kathy in her beloved boat adorned the cover of her memorial invitation. I will treasure my copy and plan to frame it.

All in all, I spent six wonderful days in Monterey, staying with treasured friends, having insightful conversation, eating healthy food, and being at the ocean. I went home.

Carmel River Beach

I took Hwy 1 from Monterey to the Golden Gate and the 101 to Florence, Oregon before cutting over to I-5 for the last leg of my return trip. It took two very long and totally enjoyable days to drive the 800 miles each way. I loved it.

Land's End – San Francisco

I have returned to Portland, filled with positive possibilities for a new leaf that's turning.

I will keep you posted.


Maui ❤️

I was fortunate to spend a month on the Island of Maui with my daughter and three precious grandsons. It was a beautiful experience all around. I shall definitely return!


View from the Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

Maui Lavender Farm

Happy New Year – 2014!

January 1st, 2014

Inverness Sunrise - West Marin, California
Inverness Sunrise – West Marin, California

I hope this finds all of you in fresh spirits and ready to meet the new year with joy! 2013 was quite the intense one for so many of us, filled with unexpected chaos and deep losses. Many are still trying to pick up the pieces and put one foot in front of the other into the future, which we can only hope is much better.I, for one, believe that we’re on a much more positive roll now. I wish for all of you smooth sailing and pleasures beyond your greatest anticipations!